Smart Cities Challenge Evaluation Workshop

Community Champions who had attended an earlier stakeholder workshop presented the context for their challenge areas to the Smart Cities Challenge Evaluation Team.

Mark Anderson – UNBSJ Urban Institute > Historical Asset Challenge: The City of Saint John has significant historical assets that are undervalued and inadequately leveraged to generate new tourism revenue and attract more tourists to our region.

Mohammed Bagha – SJMNRC > Population Challenge:  Saint John is the only CMA in the country to show a declining population in the last census.

Donna Gates – Living SJ > Social Inclusion & Poverty Challenge: People in our community face social isolation due to conditions related to poverty, immigration and aging.

Ian MacKinnon – Saint John Transit > Citizen Engagement Challenge: A lack of digital connectivity makes it difficult for the Municipality to engage citizens and deliver responsive, quality services to residents.

Ryan Mitchell – Saint John Energy > Energy Challenge: Rising energy costs have a negative impact on businesses and residents.

Graham Stewart Robertson – ACAP > Climate Change Challenge: It is difficult to manage outcomes and lessen the effects of climate change and extreme weather events.

Challenge areas were evaluated using a set of defined criteria by the following leaders in the community.

  • Mayor Don Darling City of Saint John
  • Ron Gaudet CEO, Enterprise Saint John
  • Jeff Trail City Manager, City of Saint John
  • Wendy MacDermott – Executive Director, United Way of Greater SJ
  • Andy MacGillivray Advisory Board Chair, Smart and Connected Community Data Project
  • Paul Mansz Partner, EY
  • Randy Hatfield Executive Director, Saint John Hunan Development Council
  • Brenda MacCallum Fundy Regional Service Commission

Population Decline was selected as the challenge to take forward in the process.

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