Smart Cities Challenge Defining the Challenge Workshop

More than 100 people who participated in the public engagement survey, and who were identified to have unique insights on the Saint John’s Population Decline challenge were invited to participate in the “Defining the Challenge Workshop”.  Thirty five people gave up five hours of their work day to help define the challenge.

Invitees included: newcomers, international students, employers, economic development agencies, educational institutions, city representatives, health sector professionals, academics, employers, settlement & social organizations.

From this workshop, several important sub-themes were identified including the importance of supporting newcomer retention to our community.  Facts related to the barriers facing newcomers in our community were also identified.

The following challenge statements were developed during this workshop

  • How Might We use technology to discover the communities needs & engage newcomers in the sustainable solution
  • How Might We ensure newcomers gain employment by connecting newcomers + employers in innovative ways for mutual benefit
  • How Might We market a concierge service (online pre-visit + in-person arrival for newcomers) to show positive view of Saint John
  • How Might We gather all newcomer services under one easy-to-access umbrella with opportunity to provide feedback to improve the system
  • How Might We engage the broader community to connect newcomers in all aspects of life to create a vibrant multi-cultural city
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